If you'd like to set yourself up as a mirror, use the source code to set up your own ImgRed clone and make sure it works. You may use your own watermark image, but it should be small, should not cover any existing watermark that might be on the image, and it should not give the appearance that you created the image or own any rights to it (you don't).

Next, e-mail me with the URL of your mirror and your estimate of how much bandwidth you think you can support. There are mechanisms in place to determine which mirror to use, if any, when a new image is encountered, based on the percentage of traffic that mirror is capable of handling. If at any time your mirror can't accept any more new images, there is a URL it can redirect to to prevent ImgRed from sending any more new images to it. There's also a similar mechanism in place if you want to disable your mirror entirely. The details will be discussed in e-mail.

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