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What is ImgRed's business model?

It runs at a 100% loss. There's no income, just bills. This was written just because it's a good idea, not as a means to make money. I hope others will use the source code to create their own mirrors, or incorporate this functionality directly into their message-board or blog software so there wouldn't even be a need for the user to precede the URL with anything.

How do I know the site won't shut down?

Hard-drive space is easy to trim by simply deleting old images. If someone tries to view it, it'll just be pulled from the original source again and re-cached. Bandwidth is almost impossible to limit without crippling the service, which is why mirrors are more than welcomed.

What if the original image source updates the image or deletes it? Will the ImgRed copy be updated?

No. Most people seem not to want their image to be changed without warning, so ImgRed copies are effectively permanent until they're deleted for occasional disk-space maintenance (see above).

I don't want my website's images to be cached here.

OK, of course you can opt out of the service. It is fully retroactive; any images that had been cached from your website will be deleted.

Who wrote this?

One person; I'm a programmer in San Diego, CA. I also created and (see a naming trend here?).

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